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Making It Count Briefing Sheets

Making it Count Briefing Sheets published to date:

MiC BS 1: The Role of Fear in HIV Prevention Campaigns (September 2010)
MiC BS 2: Herpes (January 2011)
MiC BS 3: LGV (January 2011)
MiC BS 4: Gonorrhoea, chlamydia and non-gonococcal urethritis (NGU) (March 2011)
MiC BS 5: Hepatitis C (March 2011)
MiC BS 6: Social marketing (March 2011)
MiC BS 7: Poppers (March 2011)
MiC BS 8: Microbicides (March 2011)
MiC BS 9: PEP (March 2012)
MiC BS 10: HIV Testing Technologies (June 2012)

Sigma Panel Insight Blasts published to date

Insight Blast 1: HIV testing (March 2011).
Insight Blast 2: The next sexual partner (May 2011).
Insight Blast 3: Anal intercourse and condom use (June 2011).
Insight Blast 4: Notifying former sex partners about STI diagnoses (August 2011).
Insight Blast 5: STI screening before the next sexual partner (September 2011).
Insight Blast 6: Attitudes to PreP (October 2011).
Insight Blast 7: Messages promoting STI screening (November 2011).
Insight Blast 8: Sexual exclusivity (December 2011).
Insight Blast 9: Poppers (June 2012).

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