WARNING: Using a condom could seriously improve your sex life!

(And your confidence, relationships and feel good factor!)

Condoms are a really good way of stopping HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, when used properly.

Condoms can be fun, bringing stronger communication between you and your partner(s) and even spicing up your sex life! Good lovers ask what you like – if you’re a good lover, you might want to try asking what they like… it can be different every time.

Good communication can really turn people on – communication is lubrication! Asking what you they like, checking out about their latest HIV or STI test can all be part of the foreplay of great communication. If you can’t talk to your partner, are you really going to have sex with them and enjoy it? If you are not the talking types though, a condom might be a great idea. No need for words, only actions! Be safe and get it on!