Be ready with brochures or information leaflets to give to people that can help to answer their questions.

Be prepared for questions - there may be some questions you don't feel comfortable answering so try and think through what people might ask.

Decide if you want the person to give you advice; if you want them just to listen then tell them that.

Have a person on hand (either with you or at the end of a phone), who is there to support you after you have finished your conversation. You don't know how the person will react, so having somewhere to go, or someone to talk to about how it went could be a reall support. 

If you want support before, or after telling people about your status then you might find it helpful to join a peer support group in your area, where you can meet others who have HIV.

If you want advice about any of these issues then call Eddystone on: 0800 328 3528.