Due to COVID-19, Plymouth’s regular C-Card services are heavily reduced and you may not be able to get to the locations you would normally visit to get C-Card or other free condom services.

We have set up a temporary 'Condoms by Post' service, which is available to 16-25s who have no other way of accessing free condoms or buying condoms.  Which means you can now get free Condoms are available by Post for 16- 25-year-olds in Plymouth through SHiP, the Eddystone Trust and The Zone

Please call 07867 358187 (Mon – Fri, 9am to 5pm) to order a C-Card starter pack to be sent discretely to your home address (latex-free condoms also available).

A C-Card starter pack is made up of 2 regular condoms, 1 extra safe, 1 ribbed and dotted, 1 flavoured and 1 trim, as well as 3 packets of lube.

Government measures to contain COVID-19 include - staying at home - staying away from anyone outside your immediate household - stopping face to face socialising - stopping all non-essential journeys - limiting activities like going out for essential food shopping - only going out for one form of exercise a day.

Stay at home and save lives

Only have sex with a partner if you live with them and don’t have coronavirus symptoms 

Please don’t hook up with strangers or multiple partners for sex