As part of a procurement exercise earlier in the year, Gloucestershire County Council invited organisations like the Eddystone Trust to submit bids to provide the following services in the County:

  1. HIV Support Services, Condom Distribution, Community Point of Care HIV & Syphilis Testing

  2. Prevention Services

We are pleased to say that we successfully won the 1st  tender which means that:

  • we will continue to provide:

    • Support services to those affected by HIV themselves as well as their carers, partners and/or other family members. We can offer practical assistance and advice, e.g. adhering to medication, as well as a peer mentoring scheme for those wishing to meet and discuss their diagnosis with another person who is also HIV+.

    • Rapid Point of Care Testing every Tuesday as before, with various pop-up sessions throughout the year at a variety of venues in the County.

  • as you may have already seen, we now have the responsibility for coordinating the C-Card scheme in the County. We already deliver this service in both Plymouth and Somerset and we look forward to bringing our experience to Gloucestershire, we are already working on some exciting plans to take the scheme forward and develop it for the future.

The Prevention Services were not awarded at the same time and are currently being re-procured after some changes to the services specifications. This means that, although we can continue to distribute condoms to those most at risk of sexually acquired infections in other areas of Gloucestershire, until the new contract is awarded no 1-to-1 work with those at risk or with professionals who work with those at risk is currently possible.

Please contact us if you require support or more information and we will help as much as we can. Click here to access our contact form.