A recent article (1) in the Guardian Newspaper’s “Views from the NHS Frontline” blogpost series highlights the incredible journey towards healthy sex and relationships for all since the passing of the 1917 Venereal Disease Act, and complements the short film (below) made by the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH).  The video celebrates the achievements made over the past century, particularly the advances in HIV care, and how essential it is to protect the rights we have.

The blogpost is written by Dr Verity Sullivan who, in this article and in two others she has written for the Guardian Newspaper over the past year (2,3), cautions that despite the progress of the past 100 years there is far more still to be done and that an increased demand for sexual health care amid reduced budgets is restricting access to education, prevention and the treatment of sexually transmitted infections.


  1. HIV treatment has come a long way – but there's still work to do (July 2017)
  2. Syphilis is on the rise when it should be confined to history (August 2016)
  3. Government cuts are brewing a sexual health crisis (June 2016)