PrEPSTER Long Time No Syphilis Campaign

PrEPSTER Long Time No Syphillis Campaign with The Eddystone Trust in Plymouth. Did you know that syphilis is on the increase? The number of people in the UK diagnosed with syphilis has more than doubled since 2012. If you are based in the Plymouth area you can order a home test kit as part of the "Long Time No Syphilis" campaign. Read more

The Eddystone Trust Black Lives Matter Statement

The Eddystone Trust believes Black Lives Matter. In the UK black and other minority ethnic people continue to experience unacceptable health inequalities.  This extends beyond the current COVID-19 crisis and includes sexual health where they are disproportionately affected by HIV and poor sexual health.  We are re-affirming our commitment to addressing all social inequalities in our day to day work and we recognise we could do better Read more

Test Drive

The Eddystone Trust is a sexual health charity based in the South West of England offering a range of services for people including HIV testing kits by post, C-Card packs, training and peer to peer support. Read more

What is Chemsex?

The Eddystone Trust offers support to people who may need help surrounding substance use and their relationship with sex. Our peer to peer support group is tailored to offer a non-judgemental setting for those who wish to explore accessing help with issues surrounding chemsex. Read more