Advice for the under-16s

Discovering you are pregnant as a teenager can seem scary at first - even more so if it wasn't expected. But there are a lot of places to go to for support and friendly, confidential advice about what do to next.Read more


There is the option of adopting for a girl who finds out she is pregnant. This means that she would continue with the pregnancy, but the baby would be provided with new legal parents.Read more

Abortions: terminating a pregnancy

A woman has the right to end her pregnancy - whatever her reasons may be. Click here to find out where to get confidential and friendly advice and support.Read more

Continuing a pregnancy

If a woman decides to continue with a pregnancy, there is lots of support and guidance on offer to help her at every step. Click here to find out more and to access practical advice.Read more

Am I pregnant?

The only sure way to find out is to do a pregnancy test. But there are a few questions to ask yourself first, to make sure that you have had the kind of sex that can result in pregnancy.Read more

Getting a pregnancy test

If you think you might be pregnant, it is important to go an have a pregnancy test as soon as possible. Free testing is available with at a GP surgery, sexual health clinic or tests can be bought from pharmacies.Read more