HIV and substance abuse/use

There are strong links between the transmission of HIV and substance use and abuse. Learn how the physical effects of drugs and alcohol, as well as some methods of taking drugs, can lead to a higher risk of spreading HIV. Read more

Tips for the HIV- partner

For the HIV negative partner in a mixed status relationship (whether long-term or single encounter), the risk of transmission is a constant reality but there are steps that can be taken to reduce the chances of getting the virus. Read more

Tips for the HIV+ partner

If you have already tested positive for HIV and are in a sexual relationship (whether long-term or single encounter), there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of passing on the virus to sexual partner(s). Read more

Using condoms

Condoms are important for preventing the spread of HIV and all sexually transmitted infections when used consistently and correctly. Understanding the benefits of condoms can help make sex safer for HIV+ people and their partner(s). Read more

Less risky sexual behaviours

Anal and vaginal intercourse carry the highest risk of passing on the HIV virus. But there are many fun, non-penetrative sexual activities that carry a much lower risk of transmission that you and your partner(s) can enjoy experimenting with. Read more

In a mixed status relationship?

A mixed status relationship is when one partner is HIV+ and the other is HIV-, either in a log-term relationship or a single encounter. The possibility of transmission is always present, but find out how to minimise risk. Read more