Different Strokes

This is a one-day course examining health inequalities experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people. Taking national and local evidence and views from young people and adults, this course will look at language, power, health, homophobia and transphobia and improving services. Read more

HIV and the over 50s

This course is designed for people involved in health and social care who are seeking to meet the needs of a population living with HIV who are ageing and in need of care services. Find out about care standards, best practice and the health care and support needs of older people living with HIV in the South West. Read more

Sexual health and people with learning disabilities

This is about up-skilling people already working with people with learning disabilities who want to know about applying sexual health knowledge and skills to working with their clients. A basic understanding of sexual health is helpful. Read more

Sexual Health Skills

What makes a competent sexual health worker? What makes for an effective and inspiring sexual health worker? What can support you to make excellent sexual health interventions? Read more

Under the Influence

Explores the relationship and impact of substances and sex, sexual health and relationships. Not a drugs course, this is about applying existing knowledge. Read more

He Said

He said is about looking at this impact of masculinity on boys and young men's sexual health and relationships and finding ways you can address this positively to improve their outcomes. ‘She Said’s‘ brother course. Read more

She Said

She said examines how the expectations of female identity and gender roles impact on sexual health and relationships for girls and young women. Read more

Training We Offer

An overview of the different courses on offer, what people have said about them and guidance on how to book a place. Read more

Working with child exploitation

Resources to help you if you work tackling Child Sexual Exploitation. Read more