Ending a pregnancy

One of the options for a girl or young woman who becomes pregnant, is to terminate (end) the pregnancy - sometimes called an abortion. There are different methods, usually either an operation carried out under general aneasthetic, or, if the pregnancy is in the very early stages, by taking a pill that will cause the pregnancy to abort.

Brook's latest figures show that about a third of women in the UK will have an abortion by the time they are 45 - so it is a common and also a very safe procedure, although, as with all operations it does carry some risks.

On a decision to terminate a pregnancy, the risks and realities can be discussed with a doctor or health care worker at a special appointment. To talk to someone at Brook about terminating a pregnancy, click here.

Should I have an abortion?

The difficult thing about decisions like this is that we have to make them for ourselves. Nobody can tell us whether having an abortion is right for us or not

But there are people we can talk to who can give us all of the information available and this can help us make an informed decision.
Sometimes none of the options seem perfect - which can make it really tough to decide. For more information about making that decision, click here.

Some people do not agree with getting an abortion and it is their right to feel this way, but they cannot stop anyone else from going through with an abortion; it is a woman's right to make decisions about her own body.

How to get an abortion

A good starting point is making an appointment to see a GP. There are also sexual health and pregnancy drop-in clinics in most areas where it is not necessary to have an appointment, see our Sexual Health Services page. To find a pregnancy termination service, click here. 

When deciding to have an abortion, remeber to:

Talk it through - telling a trusted friend, family member, youth worker or teacher can help make the experience less daunting and means there is someone to talk to at each stage.

Be informed - getting as much information as possible about the options available and talking these through is a really good way to make a decision with confidence.

Don't let others make the decision - it is really important that we make decisions like this for ourselves. It is understandable to want to be able to ask someone else to advise us, but there is not 'right' answer - only what we feel is right for ourselves.

Talk to the experts - go and see a doctor, nurse or healthcare worker to ask questions about pregnancy and abortions - these are the people whose expertise is reliable, so listen to them

Ask Brook is a confidential text and webchat service where friendly advisors are on hand to help, click here to be taken to their page.