I think I am pregnant - what should I do?

The first thing to do is take a breath and try to keep calm. There is a lot of support for young people and different options to choose from - so try not to panick and instead, start finding out about the help available.

There could be some signs to indicate that a girl is pregnant, but the only way to be completely sure is to have a test. Tests can be bought from pharmacies, or free testing is available in clinics around the UK. Staff at clinics are specially trained and will give friendly advice, answer questions and keep your converation confidential. 

To find out how a pregnancy test works and where to get one, click here.

I'm pregnant - what next?

Once a girl knows she is pregnant, the first thing she should do is find a pregnancy clinic or make an appointment to see a GP to talk about her options. To find a local clinic, click here.

She might also want to talk to a trusted friend or family member who is good at listening and supportive. It is her choice who she wants to tell about it, but it can make the whole experience less daunting if she has someone to share it with.

There are three main options to choose from following a positive pregnancy test:

Advice for boys: my girlfriend is pregnant - what should I do?

The most important thing to remember is to keep calm. Although it can be a shock to hear the news that sex has resulted in pregnancy, try not to react with anger, blame or fear.

For a teenage girl to find out she is pregnant unexpectedly, it can be scary thinking about what she might have to go through next. Being kind,
 listening and keeping calm 
is the best way to start off. Then going through all of the options and deciding on what steps to take next will be easier.

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Advice: Teenage pregnancy advice and links for boys and girls (Childline).