On deciding to continue with a pregnancy, it is important to seek support from a midwife or GP as soon as possible. This is to ensure receiving the best care for mother and baby - also known as antenatal care, (antenatal means 'during pregnancy'). Click here to find maternity services in your area.

Antenatal support begins properly after being pregnant for 12 weeks, and is designed to make sure that mother and baby are healthy, answering anyquestions that might come up and providing information about healthy eating and exercise.

There are some practical things to think about after deciding to raise a child. It is a good idea to try and answer questions like: who can help me with babysitting? How does my partner feel about becoming a parent? What are the financial challenges going to be? Where am I going to live? This sort of preparation will help with coping once the baby comes along. For more information about this and other tips on preparing for parenting, see Brook's pages on being a young parent.

It is the mother's choice whether to go ahead with a pregnancy or whether to terminate it - the man she conceived with does not have the right to make that choice. But if she decides to have the baby then once he or she is born, the man has a number of rights and responsibilities. Click here to find out more about partner's rights.