The Gateway Group is a long standing peer support group that meets in Exeter on the third Monday of every month between 1.30pm and 4pm.  The group is attended by people living with HIV from across the South West.  Everyone is welcome.

Read what attendees of the group have said about it:

“It’s given me a sense of confidence that I’m not alone. There’s a sense of community, a shared experience, that I don’t usually feel as I keep my health condition to myself.”

“Some of the information is way too technical for the average person – the Gateway Group is a social gathering which also offers support, information and knowledge about medication in a safe environment. I got to know other people and we swap day to day tips on living with HIV”

“I thought it was just me until I arrived here (at the Gateway Group) – it’s not just the HIV bit it’s all the other bits we talk about”

“You sometimes hear bad stories about HIV but it’s a very individual thing and if you keep taking your medication life’s good!”

“I heard about Gateway Group from my nurse. She suggested I go along as I was feeling low. I met other people in the same situation as me. I’d like other people to know how much more positive it’s made me feel.”

The next dates for the Gateway Group in 2019 are:

  • April 15th
  • May 20th
  • June 17th
  • July 15th
  • August 19th
  • September 16th
  • October 21st
  • November 18th
  • December 16th

Contact us if you are interested in joining – ring 01752 254406 / 08003282508

or email [email protected]