How does a test work?

The most common form of pregnancy test is a urine test - it is a plastic stick that you either wee on, or place into a container of wee, and the results should show within minutes. Click here for information on where to get a test.

The stick detects a hormone present in a person who is pregnant - if pregnant, usually a little window on the stick will change colour to indicate a positive test. To watch an NHS video and learn all you need to know about getting a test, including detail on how the test works, click here.

What if I'm pregnant?

If the test indicates pregnancy, it is a good idea to go and speak to someone at a pregnancy clinic about what to do next.

There are three options to choose from at this point: continue with the pregnancy and raise a child, continue with the pregnancy but adopt the
 child once he or she is born
or end the pregnancy, (sometimes called an abortion or termination).

It is your choice whether to continue with the pregnancy or not. Click here to find out where your nearest maternity service is.

Live in Torbay? Click here for Torbay Pregnancy Advisory Service.