Gifts in wills can fund a huge amount of work with people living with HIV. Of course your loved ones come first, but just a small gift could help support someone living with HIV in the future.

Why gifts in wills matter

Funding for HIV services from central Government is decreasing. We have to look for new ways to fund our work and support our Small Grants Fund.

Find out how this special form of giving could make a difference.

How a gift in your will can help people living with HIV

Naturally you may want to take care of your loved ones first. However, a gift to The Eddystone Trust in your Will means people with HIV will always have someone to help and support them – whether it’s through our Small Grants Fund, National Helpline, our direct services, or other activities. It’s also important that we have the flexibility to respond to future challenges.

A will is a very personal thing

We always love to hear that you’ve left a gift – but there’s no pressure to say so. We respect your privacy and we don’t expect you to tell us. It’s a private and personal matter. And it’s your decision and you need to make it in your own time.

If you’d like to know more

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Or speak to your solicitor.

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