The term "GUM clinic" is short for genitourinary medicine clinic, and they offer a range of services including testing and treatnent for sexually transmitted infections, advice and information about  sexual health and free condoms.

Ever wondered what happens at a GUM clinic? Watch our video to help you understand what to expect:

For more on your nearest GUM clinic and more info on what happens when you visit one click here.

Do you live in or near Exmouth? A new sexual health service opened in Exmouth with everything from contraception to screening for sexually transmitted infections, all under one roof!

The new integrated centre for sexual health is in the Dewdney Unit at Exmouth Hospital. It will offer:

  1. Contraception, including pills, implants and other long-acting reversible methods of contraception
  2. Emergency contraception
  3. Pregnancy testing and unplanned pregnancy advice
  4. Termination referrals
  5. Testing and free treatment for sexually-transmitted infections, such as Chlamydia
  6. The clinic will be open twice a week

When can I attend a clinic?

  • Thursday, 4pm-7pm
  • Friday, 1.30pm-4.30pm

People can book appointments, get further information or speak in confidence with a specialist nurse by calling:

01392 284982/3 (appointments)
01392 284960 (advice)

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