HIV Home testing kits 2014 – 15

From April 2014, home testing kits are legal in the UK. The only trouble is that they are not yet available! The kits are held up by regulations and attempts in the EU to ensure that they are of a great quality and will have correct information and support within them.

Home sampling kits are available through Dean Street clinics, GMFA and Terrence Higgins Trust. This is a scheme where you can complete an online risk assessment and then receive a kit where you take a sample, send back to the lab and then receive a result. Home kits are where you get the kit and get an initial result there and then at home.

Some HIV advocates are strongly for this scheme, others are against believing it may lead to increased vulnerability and mis-information.

Public Health England (PHE) and others are keeping a close eye on developments in the United states where home testing was made legal last year. Important lessons need to be learnt on making sure the best kits get to the right people with the right information in.

PHE have produced this useful questions sheet with more information on; we will be inviting you to have the debate with us – home testing kits – a great idea or a nightmare waiting to happen? we would love to know your thoughts… do get in touch!