HIV Prevention England
HIV Prevention England is a formation of private and voluntary organisations across England who are seeking to reduce HIV transmission amongst gay and bisexual men and people from African communities. These are the groups in the UK where HIV prevalence is highest.


HIV Prevention England (or HPE) grew out of a national group called CHAPS. CHAPS came about as a group of concerned community based organisations in 1996 to directly address the increasing rates of HIV transmission between men. Since then, it has launched some fantastic campaigns, and really led the sector to further knowledge of what men want and will respond to, what works, what doesn’t and to set best practice. CHAPS (formerly Chaps Logoknown as the Community HIV and AIDS Partnership Strategy) operated in all areas of England and was represented by regional strategic partners.

CHAPS ceased being a formed group in 2012/13 when HPE / HIV Prevention England came into being. The new model is based on the Department of Health focus on high prevalence areas of England. HPE is co-ordinated by the Terrence Higgins Trust.

The South West of England is not an area with high HIV prevalence compared to some other areas. Equally, it is not an area with no HIV. There are over 3000 people living with HIV in the South West with diverse needs, backgrounds and experiences. Some are gay and bisexual men (or men who have sex with men) or people from African communities who experience health inequalities.

Prevalence of diagnosed HIV infection by region of residence among population aged 15-59 years: United Kingdom, 2011

HIV prevalence
Source: Health Protection Agency

The Eddystone Trust whilst not currently a formal HPE partner, remains committed to the best quality interventions based on the best available evidence and supports the work 0f HPE and its campaigns; maybe of which you will see us actively promoting! This includes links to their briefing sheets also in this section for professionals.