Do I know my status?

HIV affects people of all ages and effective treatments now mean that life expectancy has significantly increased for people with HIV. 


It is better to test sooner as a late diagnosis can damage my body and even shorten my life. 42.9% of those diagnosed in 2014-16 in the South West were diagnosed late. People will have concerns in getting tested due to the stigma associated with sexual health, but there are now so many ways to get tested, even completely confidentially.

The Eddystone Trust recently did an interview with the Plymouth Herald to show people how easy it was to get a test, the video below shows some of that test being undertaken.

It really is that easy. For more information on rapid, free and confidential HIV testing in Gloucestershire, Somerset, Devon, Torbay, Plymouth and Cornwall contact 01752 254406 for more information.

Further details of the testing is available here.