Keeping healthy as a mixed status couple

If you are part of a mixed status couple, it is important that both partners are committed to communicating openly and often, regarding sexual healthmatters. See Eddystone's Tips for the HIV+ partner and Tips for the HIV- partner for hints about having safer sex.

There's no reason why a person who is HIV positive can't enjoy the same relationships and intimacy that HIV-negative people do - but it is important to follow health guidelines and take steps to maintain good health for both people in the relationship.

Some HIV positive people find that meeting others who are going through similar things is helpful in learning to open up and communicate more effectively. See our Peer Support Groups page to fond a local group in your area.

HIV and having children

It is possible to be an HIV+ person and have children that are healthy and free of the virus. 

However, there is a risk that that HIV could be passed on during pregnancy, labour, or through breastfeeding - but this risk can be reduced dramatically if the mother receives treatment for HIV during pregnancy and does not breastfeed. See the NHS Choices page about HIV and pregnancy for more information.