The legal age of consent for sex is 16. But this does not mean that when you are 16 you should feel pressure to be having sex - it's still your choice and your right to say no.

You have the right to say no to sex, kissing, touching - or anything else that involves your body. And you can say no at any time. It 
doesn't matter whether you have been intimate before with that person or not - each time you have the right ot say no if you want to. 

Even if it feels like everyone else your age is having sex because they are all talking about it, most people don't have sex until they are at least 16 and some poeple wait much longer - so there are many other people choosing to wait, even if it doesn't feel like it. Never do something just because you feel pressured.

If you are in a relationship, make sure you think about what you want as well as the other person. It can take a long time for a couple to feel ready for sex, and getting to know each other first means you will be more comfortable with each other and more likely to enjoy sex when you do it together for the first time. There are other things you can do to feel intimate with a partner, without 'going all the way'.

Don't feel bad about saying no - it is your body and your right. The other person should not pressure you and if they try to, there are some things you can be prepared with to say. 

For a list of things someone might say to try and pressure you, and how you can say no, click here.

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