How I caught HIV and what happened, by Stuart 

I will never forget when he left.

It was a grey day.

He just went away.

Broke my heart and just left me there,

All alone - even the house wasn’t a home.

I sat down and had a drink to relieve the pain,

Looking back I must have been insane.

The alcohol gripped me hard which I took,

Then I found I was hooked.

Things got bad - HIV I caught,

Cruising all night long,

Unsafe sex which now I know was wrong.

But do not despair, help was there.

Eddystone Trust held out a hand and gripped me tight,

Supporting me ready for my fight.

They made me strong,

Gave me the courage and will to go on,

And today I am no longer alone and insane

Thanks to Eddystone people who paved my way.

They performed a miracle and I want it to stay,

Therefore, I thank them every day.

Be safe.

Be Safe, by Stuart 

Please remember bareback is nice,

But one day you may pay the price.

The stock from that naked cock

May give you quite a shock,

For when it shoots the passengers disembark

And they will definitely make their mark.

They carry baggage unseen by you,

Full of viruses and HIV too.

Once these are open there’s no going back,

So please stop them entering your back passage track.

Put a rubber Johnny on, to give you protection

Then you can relax and really enjoy the erection.

Be safe.

At One With Them, by Kev

A media frenzy! God’s wrath! A plague!

Where does it come from? Africa? Haiti? USA?

Let’s be ambiguously vague;

It’s a plague that’s only gay!

Tombstone on icebergs that melted TV screens

HIV, AIDS so often seen!

Being a survivor, looking back in a window of time

reflects those thoughts in my mind.

Angels have come and gone,

An early frost came to pluck them out.

No spring, summer or fall for them,

They didn’t stay around very long.

The pain of loss cutting me like a knife,

Now just a memory in my heart Like the loss of a partner, husband, wife

All seems like a dream, so soon to part,

Now I am a man and at one with them,

With a message of mission continuing with a dedication to them

With a love and passion.

Do you think HIV is gone

As we haven’t heard about it for so long?

No, now just silently spread, hovering, people not really bothering.

It’s like an invisible now but remember they were very much here,

And visible too.