In 2013, we launched the website Red Ribbon Pledge

This site is to be run all year round but with a particular emphasis in the run up to World AIDS Day – 1st December every year of course!

The website has a few purposes:

1. To encourage you to publically pledge your support for those living with HIV, to those who have dies from AIDS related illnesses. There are at least 10 reasons we can think of to wear a Ribbon… what are yours? Do you wear it to remember someone you have known? Because you want to be part of the AIDS Free generation? In support of men, women and children affected across the world?

2. To order your Red Ribbon, use Ribbons cost 1pence, although packaging and postage is 99p, so for £1 you will get yours sent to your home address.

3. To donate to The Eddystone Trust. You can do this by paypal or by texting ‘eddy36 £5′ to 70070

If you pledge, we would love you to send in any selfies of you and your friends or family with your ribbons and we will post onto the Red Ribbon website as well as this one. Remember – being the AIDS -Free generation – it starts with me… it starts with you, it starts with us…..