Your Ship is the new website from Plymouth GUM department at Derriford Hospital. It takes a nautical theme and lays out the wider range of services offered through Plymouth GUM department, including their home HIV testing service where you can order an online kit to arrive at your home and you can test yourself for free. It’s an oral swab test, so no blood required!

This is only for people living in the South West England area, but comes with a helpline number and an instructional film on their website. As far as we know, this is one of the first of its kind, so get behind this innovative service and if you are not sure, order a test today!

What else is available? 

Other services available include STI screening and treatment, contraceptive services, terminations, C-Card, the SHARE services which support sexual or genital problems and dysfunctions and also their Fisher Mens’ service, named after the late Professor Martin Fisher and works with Gay or Bisexual men and Transwomen or those identifying as genderqueer. There are many more services available – give them a call of check their new site out to see what else is on offer.

The team at Derriford are the place to go for getting your full sexual health check up, MOT and a full joined up service – get on board and check their new website out!