WARNING: Using a condom could seriously improve your sex life!

(And your confidence, relationships and feel good factor!)

Condoms are a really good way of stopping HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, when used properly.

Condoms can be fun, bringing stronger communication between you and your partner(s) and even spicing up your sex life! Good lovers ask what you like – if you’re a good lover, you might want to try asking what they like… it can be different every time.

Good communication can really turn people on – communication is lubrication! Asking what you they like, checking out about their latest HIV or STI test can all be part of the foreplay of great communication. If you can’t talk to your partner, are you really going to have sex with them and enjoy it? If you are not the talking types though, a condom might be a great idea. No need for words, only actions! Be safe and get it on!

Where can I get free condoms? 

If you are 13-25 and living in the South West click here.

If you are a gay or bisexual man living in Gloucestershire; Devon; Plymouth; Torbay; Somerset or Bath & North East Somerset click here if you live in Cornwall click here
If you aren’t in any of these groups, we recommend you try your local GP; Family planning/contraceptive service/C-CASH for free contraception.

Failing that, there are some great websites out there selling bespoke condoms and lubricant.

What if the condom splits or doesn't work?

If you are worried about condoms breaking or a partner not using one, you might need emergency treatment called PEP. For more on this, click the image to the right of this page.
However, in the vast majority of cases, condoms do work - using them means you won’t have to worry about risking all of those unwanted infections and stress that might pop into your head when it’s all over. 


  • In the UK today around 25% of people who are living with HIV don’t know that they have the virus and remain untested. How do we know that? Anonymous Surveys FactSheet.

  • With this many people remain untested and unaware that they have HIV and are potentially putting others at risk of contracting the virus.

  • There is no cure for HIV and the treatments that are available can have unpleasant side effects on your body.

  • Always use a condom when having penetrative sex, it is the only way to protect yourself against HIV when having sex.

  • You may want to use a condom when you have oral sex although the risk of HIV transmission is lower.

Talking to your partner(s) is the key to good condom use, from the initial chat about using them to putting them on. It doesn’t need to be a separate thing, it should be part of the fun!

Click below to watch our quickie film on raising the subject of condoms with your partner:

Your partner can put it on for you or both of you can explore fun and creative ways of getting it on!

Most importantly talking and being open will make you feel relaxed! Don’t get stressed if you lose you’re hard on. And remember there are lots of different sensual, sexy and horny things you can do, apart from penetrative sex.

Remember condoms come in different sizes.  If you feel uncomfortable this could be the reason why the condom is not working for you. Like shoes, we all need different sizes!

Have fun, get one on and enjoy!