We challenge the stigma, discrimination and misinformation associated with HIV and sexual health, and work tirelessly with people affected by HIV to improve their quality of life.


Everyone can spare two minutes to learn about safer sex. Eddystone's Quickies are short and sweet - packed with information about sexual health and HIV!


Author: Laura- Brainwood

Services near me

Click here for links to specialist services relating to sexual health, employment, disabilities, emotional support and much more. Help is nearby wherever you are.


Author: Lydia Ralph


Wondering what options there are for contraception? The good news is that there are quite a few very effective methods to choose from depending on what suits you.


Author: Laura- Brainwood

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Why Fundraise

  • Why Fund Raise?

    Fundraising is crucial to our work... It's also a really fun way of making a positive impact on people's lives and meeting new people at the same time. There are lots of ways to fund-raise for Eddystone. Click here to find out more... Read more